The Palm-os RESource file DE-Compiler

Presdec is a small utility, written in Java, that will take any .prc file (PalmOS resource files), split it into seperate resources and build an .rcp (GUI description) file suitable for PilRC.


If you are interested you can:

Download Presdec 1.2 (with sources) 117 Kbytes

Download Presdec 1.2 (without sources) 60 Kbytes

Read the User Manual

View an Example output


26-jun-1999 V1.2
25-oct-1998 V1.1
30-sep-1998 V1.0

Work in Progress

Right now (well... for the last year) I have been working on making a GUI for Presdec, but due to little time and other projects I have not come to far. Also my PalmPilot was stolen a few months age and I haven´t gotten around to bying a new one yet, therefore I lost some interest at the moment. But if you are interested you can grab the latest source files and fiddle around as much as you like. But remember this code is not even alpha and largely untested. The pure source version might not even compile.

Since I am using the IBM Visual Age for Java IDE most of the GUI source code is generated and not as pretty as hand coded. But I think the Code is still readable and not as bad as the code some other generators produce. If you have Visual Age for Java (it is free and available for Linux and Windows!) you can download the repository and import it into your Workspace. Otherwise download the plain source.

Presdec pre 2.0 Visual Age Repository (543 Kb)

Presdec pre 2.0 Source JAR (106 Kb)



Thomas Holland
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